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IPTV (CCTV) Systems Installation

Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) have been commonly used for security surveillance for a vast number of years, however, a huge increase in demand for the systems to become more feature rich and integrate with other building smart systems has seen CCTV systems migrate to utilise the IP Network Infrastructure.

This move comes with a huge number of benefits for your organisation, with impressive 4K Resolution Camera systems becoming more and more available from market leading vendors, the ability to utilise CCTV imagery for the purpose of prosecution has greatly increased.

Benefits of IPTV

  • Using existing TVs, PCs, and AV display units without requiring a separate satellite/aerial signal distribution system within the building or campus significantly reduces cost
  • Most organisations already have a building or campus IP network capable of supporting video
  • IPTV brings AV distribution under IT control for lower management costs and more efficient network planning
  • Any PC can be converted easily into a TV with IPTV software that recognises the content on the network
  • Bringing external TV and radio in through LAN rather than via internet saves costly internet bandwidth and preserves it for critical business use

If you’d like to find out how an IPTV system can complement the security and operation of your business, contact our team today to discuss your options.

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