Ensuring IT disasters are not business disasters

Resilience & Disaster Recovery


Dunblue works with our clients to ensure their IT infrastructure is designed to support the continuity of the business operations in the event of an unexpected disruption, and to secure data integrity. We are able to advise and assist our clients in the following areas:
  • Disaster recovery assessment & planning

  • Resilient and redundant power supply

  • Resilient and geographically diverse data storage

  • Failover and clustered server systems

  • Secure data backup and off-site replication

  • Remote working and DR suite failover

Our experienced consultants are able to look at all key areas of the business and the critical areas that need to be maintained in the event of a local system outage or a complete disaster recovery incident to ensure the core functions of the business can continue to operate even in the worst possible case scenario.

Even if you do not retain our services we will always try to help in the event of a disaster recovery situation although we cannot offer the full range of services above without prior planning.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of total or partial system loss due to a disaster including fire and flood Dunblue offers a disaster recovery rapid response service. For customers that retain the service we can offer many services from loan servers and co-location hosting to voice failover and call redirection.
We work with customers to establish what essential systems and services need to be operational in such an event and devise a disaster recovery action plan that can be put in place when something happens. This ensures that if the worst happens the disaster recovery plan can kick into action a series of known predefined events to get everything working again rather than trying to devise a plan during the inevitable chaos of such an event when key members of the client's management team will have other issues to deal with.
  • 24/7 Rapid Response

  • Live Standby or Loan Systems for critical systems

  • Remote Access for critical systems

  • Voice Failover and Call Routing

  • Liaising with Insurers and Loss Adjusters

We have several clients that have suffered from major fires or floods at their premises that effected the IT systems and in all cases the core IT systems were running again within 24 hours or less.

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