Digital Document Storage

Virtual Cabinet

Document Management Software You Will Love

Reduce Storage Space

Avoid the added expense of storing paper documents, reduce the need for filing cabinets and free up space when you go digital.

Enhance Security

Keep sensitive data protected, improve controlled access and see audit trails - all with Virtual Cabinet's ISO27001 compliant document management software.

Easily Retrieve Documents

Don't waste time looking for lost files. Instantly find what you're looking for with robust search and indexing tools.

Version Control

Keep track of changes to files over time, set permissions and rollback with version control document management - providing you with a secure and up-to-date audit trail.


Sustainable business practices are good for people, the planet and your business. Embracing environmental responsibilities can help businesses attract talent, build customer loyalty and stay ahead of regulations.

Hybrid Working

Say goodbye to filing cabinets that shackle you and your team to the office. Virtual Cabinet enables digitalisation of all your documentation offering you a holistic way of working.