Best Smartphone OS for Business Users: Apps

  • Best Smartphone OS for Business Users: Apps

    Best Smartphone OS for Business Users: Apps

    There are apps for everything, some are good, many are terrible. And, as we pointed out in earlier posts in this series, apps can also provide an access point for viruses and malware. But, if you’re keen on apps and need them for your business, here’s a quick summary of how app-friendly the four main mobile OS platforms are.

    Android – the number of apps available for Android is as wide as Apple’s App Store i.e. everything you could possibly need and lots more besides.

    iOS – Apple is hands down the leading App provider. There is pretty much an app for everything.

    Windows – many Windows phone users might be disappointed by the selection of apps available to them but it still offers a good selection of productivity and useful business apps and the store is continually growing. Banking apps are becoming more common and Instagram finally arrived a few months ago!

    BlackBerry – Blackberry probably has the smallest range of apps although it has recently seen a increase following its partnering with Amazon to bring the Amazon App Store to the BlackBerry World.

    The availability of apps is definitely something to consider if it’s important to you. If there’s a service or app that your users are going to need on their mobile devices, then we really recommend you check what platforms they are available on. iOS and Android are by far the most common for app-makers.

    In our next entry in this feature about the best smartphone OS for business users we will be looking at the range of Features available across the different platforms.

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