Best Smartphone OS for Business Users: Ease of Use

  • Best Smartphone OS for Business Users: Ease of Use

    Best Smartphone OS for Business Users: Ease of Use

    Whether you are buying a smartphone for yourself or for multiple users within your business, think carefully about who you are buying the phone for, what they will be using it for and how. For the non-tech savvy user then ease of use is an important consideration.

    Here’s a summary of how easy, or not, the four mobile OS platforms are:

    Android – If your users aren’t particularly tech savvy then the Android platform could be a little overwhelming owing to the number of customisation options and settings available. Some of the menus can be a little tricky to navigate initially and even setting up an Exchange email account to sync all your contacts can be fiddly. However, if you have an IT department to configure devices before deployment then this may not be an issue as they will be able to make the phone as simple to use as required for the end user.

    iOS – the Apple iOS platform will be familiar to many. It is easy to navigate and get to grips with and many people have probably used Apple devices before. One slight negative could be that the predictive text can be annoying. Much like other platforms, it bases the words it offers on previous phrases and sentences you have used, but if you are trying to type something different then it can prove slightly non-intuitive. In our experience, most text prediction errors are made from iPhone’s than any other platform. Something to bear in mind for those all-important on-the-go emails.

    Windows – the format of the Windows phone is very different to the others on the market but it is probably the easiest to pick up and learn. If you are looking for something that keeps the need for IT input to a minimum then this is a good choice as even inexperienced users will be able to get to grips with the friendly navigation system in no time. We find the text prediction on this phone is pretty good, too.

    Blackberry – Probably most comparable to Android in terms of its ease of use i.e. it can take a bit of getting used to, but once you do get used to it this is probably the most fluid OS of them all. It learns your writing style to feed its intuitive text prediction and its centralised notification hub keeps everything in one place, from texts to emails and calls.

    In our next entry in this feature about the best smartphone OS for business users we will be looking at Security.

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