What are the benefits of a VoIP phone system?

  • What are the benefits of a VoIP phone system?

    What are the benefits of a VoIP phone system?

    What is a VoIP phone system?

    VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. A VoIP phone system uses internet phone lines (called SIP’s) instead of traditional analogue lines. Our VoIP systems are hosted in the cloud rather than physically on your premises. They offer a broad range of features and are also cheaper than a traditional phone system. This makes it a fantastic option for SMB’s looking for a new communications system. Below we look at 5 key benefits of using VoIP.

    What are the benefits of a VoIP phone system?

    1. It’s More Cost Effective
      Whether you are a startup or a small-medium sized business, the savings you could make by moving to a Dunblue VoIP phone system are abundant. From free UK calls, cheaper line rental and less hardware costs to be paid upfront to better pricing models than other providers. It’s practically a no brainer.

    2. An Extensive Range of Telephony Features
      Despite requiring less hardware than a traditional or hybrid system, Dunblue VoIP phone systems are packed full of features that you’d expect in 2021; including call recording, voicemail to email, call queues, web meetings, call transfer, multi-site integration, as well as Android/iOS/Mac/Windows apps which have become increasingly invaluable now that so many of us are working from home.

    3. It’s Future Proof
      With the ISDN switch off looming ever closer (2025 to be exact, with the current plan to stop installing ISDN lines nationally in 2023) businesses should already be planning for the change. Soon enough your traditional desk phones will become redundant, but we’ll supply you with new VoIP handsets which won’t become outdated or need to be replaced for years to come. Plus we ensure that your VoIP phone system is always running on the latest software, at no extra cost.

    4. Little to No Maintenance Required
      Because our VoIP systems are hosted in the cloud, there’s no hardware to maintain locally in your building. This means less potential points of failure and no site visits required even if something does go wrong. There’s no ongoing maintenance bills or replacement parts to buy, all updates happen in the cloud with zero disruption to your business.

    5. No Need to Change Numbers
      We can keep any and all of your existing telephone numbers for your business, so there’s no need for you to worry about having to reprint business cards, update your website or inform all of your customers. We make it as easy and straightforward as possible for you.
    If you have any remaining questions that haven’t been answered in this article, please don’t hesitate to give us a call where one of our team will be happy to chat about it.

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